»Überlebensmusik«: Kam • Widmann • Tetzlaff • Siirala

2. Internationales Musikfest Hamburg 21. April bis 22.Mai 2016
Compositions for eternity in the third concert of the festival series »Survival Music«, featuring Messiaen’s »Quartet for the End of Time« among others

Di. 26.4.2016 20 Uhr Laeiszhalle Hamburg / Kleiner Saal

Survival music – no other work fits the main focus of this year’s International Music Festival better than Olivier Messiaen’s » Quartet for the End of Time«. This quartet is not only a musical outlook on eternity, but also gave Messiaen, who was a prisoner of war at the time of composition, new courage and a will to live – a power that the music conveys today as much as it did then.

SHARON KAM clarinet
TANJA TETZLAFF violoncello